DIVER LED 2500 Series

High brightness Led Light for commercial divers

The DIVER LED LIGHT  2500 series  can turn night into day while providing a wide light beam in any diving condition.

  • 2500 Lumen 
  • Color Rendering Index > 80
  • Wide voltage input from 12 to 48 Vdc
  • Depth rating 2000Msw
  • 0 to 100% dimmable with Analog or PWM
  • Stainless steel AISI 316L
  • Birns Aquamate SCBH series connectors. Custom on request
  • Reverse polarity and Cut-off thermal protection
  • Fully compatible with the Bluerobotics Bluerov2
  • Two year manufacturers warranty (extended options available)





rov led light 5000 series technology

167 Lumens/Watt

Light Beam

rov led light 5000 series light beam

Ultra Wide Angle

Depth Rating

rov led light 5000 series depth

2000 MSW


The SubseaLED light 2500 series is an high efficiency LED light suggested to be installed on any commercial diver helmet, but can be equipped on a wide range of ROVs, AUVs, and other subsea lighting applications.
Using high-efficiency BRIDGELUX LEDs with a light outputs up to 2500 lumens at 15 Watts and a wide angle beam of 120 degree for wide illumination in front of an ROV. The color temperature is 5000K with a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 80.

The 2500 series is designed for very low brightness output, which is important to be able to illuminate the scene without washing out the colors or brightness. An exponential brightness curve makes it intuitive to use effectively.

It’s housed in a rugged Stainless steel 316L enclosure and it’s rated for 2000MSW.

The PMMA lens have a thickness of 10mm.

The 2500 series light come with many different variants with a wide input voltage from 12 to 48Vdc and can be controlled by analog signals (up to 24Vdc), PWM servo signal and Bipolar. It is also fully compatible with the Bluerobotics Bluerov 2.

In addition, the Cut-off thermal protection will prevent any damage to the device.

Additional information

Brightness Control

0-5Vdc, 0-10Vdc, 0-24Vdc, 2 Wire, PWM (Bluerobotics Bluerov2), PWM, Bluerobotics Bluerov2, Simple ON-OFF